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  • A beautiful collection of data visualisations, with descriptions, strengths and weaknesses, and a taxonomy that allows you to explore other visualisations that do a similar job. #

  • From my blog over at Orso, a post on understanding the natural variation inherent in data. How do you know if a change in a metric is a cause for alarm, or just business as usual? #

  • Adam Rutherford showcases five data visualisations that changed the world, for both good and ill:

    1. John Snow’s dot map of Soho, that led to an understanding of the transmission of cholera

    2. Florence Nightingale’s Coxcomb of military deaths in the Crimean War

    3. W. E. B. Du Bois’s graphs of African-American advancement in the years following slavery

    4. Henry Goddard’s Kallikak family tree, used to justify eugenics

    5. Ed Hawkins’s global warming colour stripes