Sometimes I’m asked to recommend a reading list for strategists or people who work for consumer brands. It’s a tough job: there are as many recommendations as there are people, and any list is going to be horrifyingly biased in all sorts of ways. Nevertheless, this is my attempt: a reading list that focuses on uncertainty, creativity, sustainability, and generally creating interesting brands.

This week’s article

A strategist’s reading list

A list of books that I think every strategist should read.

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This week’s two interesting links

The Innovative Way Ghent Removed Cars from the City

An informative look at Ghent’s “circulation plan”, the nimble and low-cost approach to urban planning that vastly increased the number of journeys made by car and foot – and vastly reduced the number of cars in the city centre. More of this, please! #

Pro-Growth Isn't Anti-Environment

Matthew C. Klein argues persuasively that to be in favour of economic growth isn’t to be anti-environment, but that to be against it is to be anti-humanity:

“That’s because there is no way to lift living standards for the vast majority of people – including the large number of poor and working-class people in rich countries who would happily enjoy better food, larger homes, a wider array of gadgets, and more opportunities for travel, if provided with the necessary spending power – if humanity as a whole must consume far less. Vastly increasing global production and consumption of goods and services is the only solution to global poverty, and it’s the only acceptable way to reduce inequality.”